Business Strategy

Star Bulk aims to be a consolidator in the dry bulk industry by expanding its fleet through acquisitions that are accretive for its shareholders. Star Bulk has 70 vessels on the water, 1 vessel acquired and due for delivery in December 2017 and a fully funded newbuilding program of 3 dry bulk vessels, all with fuel efficient specifications, ordered at top quality yards in China, with deliveries through 2018. Upon completion of its newbuilding program, Star Bulk will own 74 vessels with a total cargo carrying capacity of 8.2 million dwt.

Commercially, Star Bulk's diverse fleet profile enables it to serve its customers worldwide in multiple trade routes, carrying a wide range of cargoes. Star Bulk seeks to charter its vessels in an active and sophisticated manner, taking advantage of the fuel efficiency of our fleet, and particularly our eco newbuilding vessels. Star Bulk uses a moderate, adaptive and flexible strategy of employing a portion of the fleet on longer period charters and the rest of the fleet at spot employments or short period time charters.

Star Bulk aims is and intends to continue to be one of the most efficient and low cost vessel operators. Star Bulk’s in-house technical and commercial management allows it to take advantage of synergies and economies of scale from managing a large fleet of vessels, thereby containing operating costs and corporate overhead. At the same time the extensive experience of management team ensures quality of operations and continuous compliance with all environmental regulations and maritime safety standards.

Star Bulk focuses on maintaining a healthy balance sheet throughout the shipping cycles. Star Bulk enjoys the strong support of 15 international banks and 2 prominent leasing companies..


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