Fleet Employment

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Set forth below is summary information for Star Bulk's fleet



Vessel Name Type DWT Built Employment *Charterer
Goliath Newcastlemax 209,5372015 Short-term Charter 
Gargantua Newcastlemax 209,5292015Short-term Charter 
Maharaj Newcastlemax 209,4722015 Index-linked voyage charter
Major Mining Company
Star PoseidonNewcastlemax 209,4752016 Short-term Charter 
Star VirgoNewcastlemax208,0002017Index-linked voyage charterMajor Trading Company
Star Marisa (1)Newcastlemax208,0002016Index-linked voyage charterMajor Mining Company
Star Libra (1)Newcastlemax208,0002016Index-linked voyage charterMajor Mining Company
Leviathan Capesize 182,5112014 TC until Feb '18Major Shipping Company
Peloreus Capesize 182,4962014 TC until Jan '18Major Shipping Company
Star Martha Capesize 180,2742010 CCL POOL 
Star PaulineCapesize 180,2742008 CCL POOL 
Pantagruel Capesize 180,181 2004 CCL POOL 
Star Borealis Capesize 179,678 2011 CCL POOL 
Star Polaris Capesize 179,600 2011 CCL POOL 
Star Angie Capesize 177,9312007 TC until Jun ‘17Major Shipping Company
Big Fish Capesize 177,6432004 TC until Dec ‘17Major Shipping Company
Kymopolia Capesize 176,990 2006 CCL POOL 
Big BangCapesize 174,109 2007 CCL POOL 
Star Aurora Capesize 171,199 2000 Short-term Charter 
Star Eleonora Capesize 164,2182001 SPOT  
Star Sirius Post panamax 98,681 2011 TC until Jun ‘17Major Trading Company
Star Vega Post panamax 98,681 2011 Short-term Charter  
Amami Post Panamax 98,681 2011 TC until Jul ‘17Major Trading Company
Madredeus Post Panamax 98,681 2011 TC until Feb ‘17Major Trading Company
Star Angelina Kamsarmax 82,981 2006 TC until Feb ‘17Major Shipping Company
Star Gwyneth Kamsarmax 82,790 2006 TC until Jul '17Major Shipping Company
Star Kamila Kamsarmax 82,769 2005 Short-term Charter  
Pendulum Kamsarmax 82,6192006 TC until Feb ‘17Trading Company
Star MariaKamsarmax 82,598 2007Short-term Charter 
Star MarkellaKamsarmax 82,594 2007 Short-term Charter 
Star DanaiKamsarmax 82,5742006 Short-term Charter 
Star GeorgiaKamsarmax 82,298 2006 Short-term Charter 
Star Sophia Kamsarmax 82,269 2007 Short-term Charter 
Star MariellaKamsarmax 82,266 2006 TC until May '17Major Shipping Company
Star MoiraKamsarmax 82,257 2006 TC until Aug ‘17Major Logistics Company
Star NinaKamsarmax 82,224 2006 Short-term Charter  
Star ReneeKamsarmax 82,221 2006 Short-term Charter  
Star NasiaKamsarmax 82,220 2006 TC until Apr ‘17Major Shipping Company
Star Laura Kamsarmax 82,209 2006 TC until Mar ‘17Major Logistics Company
Star Jennifer Kamsarmax 82,209 2006 Short-term Charter 
Star Helena Kamsarmax 82,187 2006 TC until Apr '17Major Trading Company
Mercurial Virgo Kamsarmax 81,545 2013 TC until Aug ‘17Major Trading Company
Star IrisPanamax 76,466 2004 Short-term Charter 
Star EmilyPanamax 76,417 2004 Short-term Charter 
Star Vanessa Panamax 72,493 1999 TC until May ‘17Major Trading Company
Idee Fixe Ultramax 63,458 2015 Short-term Charter  
Roberta Ultramax 63,426 2015 Short-term Charter  
LauraUltramax 63,3992015 TC until Jul '17Major Trading Company
KaleyUltramax 63,2832015 TC until Feb ‘17Major Trading Company
Kennadi Ultramax 63,262 2016 Short-term Charter 
Mackenzie Ultramax 63,226 2016 Short-term Charter 
Star Challenger Ultramax 61,462 2012 Short-term Charter 
Star Fighter Ultramax 61,455 2013 TC until April '17Major Shipping Company
Star LutasUltramax 61,347 2016 Short-term Charter 
Honey Badger Ultramax 61,3202015 SPOT 
Wolverine Ultramax 61,2922015 TC until May '17 
Star Antares Ultramax 61,258 2015 Short-term Charter 
Star Aquarius Ultramax 60,916 2015 Short-term Charter 
Star Pisces Ultramax 60,916 2015 TC until Apr ‘17Major Trading Company
Strange Attractor Supramax 55,742 2006 TC until Apr '17Major Shipping Operator
Star Omicron Supramax 53,489 2005 Short-term Charter 
Star Gamma Supramax 53,098 2002 Short-term Charter 
Star Zeta Supramax 52,994 2003 Short-term Charter 
Star Delta Supramax 52,434 2000 Short-term Charter 
Star Theta Supramax 52,425 2003 Short-term Charter 
Star Epsilon Supramax 52,402 2001 Short-term Charter 
Star Cosmo Supramax 52,246 2005 Short-term Charter  
Star Kappa Supramax 52,055 2001 SPOT 
Total 687,218,952   

* Time charters (TC) of 1 year duration or longer, normally allow ± 1.5 months' window for redelivery at charterers' option. Charterers have the option to adjust the charter duration by the number of off-hire days during the charter period. Dates represent the earliest date of redelivery of the vessel to Star Bulk.

(1) Subject to a bareboat charter that will be accounted for as a capital lease



TC-In Vessels
Vessel Name Type DWT Built Employment
Astakos Supramax 58,722 2012 Short-term Charter



Vessel Name Type DWT Shipyard (1) Expected Delivery Date
HN 1360 (tbn Star Ariadne) (1) Newcastlemax 208,000 SWS, China Mar-17
HN 1342 (tbn Star Gemini) Newcastlemax 208,000 SWS, China Jul-17
HN 1361 (tbn Star Magnanimus) (1) Newcastlemax 208,000 SWS, China Jan-18
HN 1343 (tbn Star Leo) (2) Newcastlemax 208,000 SWS, China Jan-18
Total 4832,000   
(1) Subject to a bareboat charter that will be accounted for as a capital lease

(2) To be financed under a bareboat charter that will be accounted for as a capital lease
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