Fleet Employment

Set forth below is summary information for Star Bulk's fleet



Vessel NameTypeDWTBuiltEmployment (1)Charterer
Star AuroraCapesize171,1992000
TC until Aug-'14Major Mining Company
Star Big Capesize 168,404 1996TC until Nov-'15Major Mining Company
Star BorealisCapesize179,6782011Voyage Charter until May-'14Major Trading Company
Star MegaCapesize170,6311994TC until Aug-'14Major Mining Company
Star PolarisCapesize179,6002011
Short-term Charter until May-'14Noble Chartering
Star SiriusPost-Panamax98,6812011
TC until Jun-‘16 Glocal Maritime
Star VegaPost-Panamax98,6812011
TC until Jun-‘16 Glocal Maritime
Star ChallengerUltramax61,4622012
Short-term Charter  
Star FighterUltramax61,4552013
Short-term Charter  
Star Cosmo Supramax 52,2472005Short-term Charter  
Star Delta Supramax 52,4342000Short-term Charter  
Star Epsilon Supramax 52,4022001Dry dock

Star Gamma Supramax 53,098 2002TC until Jun-'14Cargill
Star Kappa Supramax 52,0552001Short-term Charter  
Star Omicron Supramax 53,4892005Short-term Charter   
Star ThetaSupramax 52,4252003Short-term Charter  
Star Zeta Supramax 52,9942003Short-term Charter  
Total 17

(1) Time charters (TC) of 1 year duration or longer, normally allow ± 1.5 months' window for redelivery at charterers' option. Charterers have the option to adjust the charter duration by the number of off-hire days during the charter period. Dates represent the earliest date of redelivery of the vessel to Star Bulk.



Newbuildings *
Vessel NameTypeDWTExpected Delivery Date
Hull 1372Newcastlemax208,000November 2015
Hull 1342Newcastlemax208,000January 2016
Hull 1371Newcastlemax208,000February 2016
Hull 198Newcastlemax209,000March 2016
Hull 1343Newcastlemax208,000April 2016
Hull 1338Capesize180,000October 2015
Hull 1339Capesize180,000January 2016
Hull 5040Ultramax60,000June 2015
Hull 5043Ultramax60,000September 2015
Hull 196Ultramax61,000October 2015
Hull 197Ultramax61,000November 2015


(*) On July 5, 2013, we signed two contracts with Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. (SWS) shipyard to build two 180,000 dwt eco-type, fuel efficient Capesize dry bulk vessels.
On September 23, 2013, we entered into agreements with SWS for the construction of two 208,000 dwt Newcastlemax dry bulk vessels each with fuel efficient specifications.

On September 27, 2013, we entered into agreements with Nantong COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co. (NACKS), for the construction of two 61,000 dwt Ultramax dry bulk vessels and one 209,000 dwt Newcastlemax dry bulk vessel, each with fuel efficient specifications.

On October 22, 2013, we entered into agreements with a major Japanese yard for the construction of two 60,000 dwt eco-type, fuel efficient Ultramax dry bulk vessels.

On February 17, 2014, we entered as Charterers into a Bareboat Agreement ("BB Agreement") with CSSC (Hong Kong) Shipping Company Limited (CSSC), an affiliated of SWS, in which it was agreed to bareboat charter for a period o 10 years, two 208,000 dwt Newcastlemax eco-type fuel efficient dry bulk vessls under Hull No 1372 and 1371 (CSSC Vessels) to be built at SWS, with expected deliveries in November 2015 and February 2016 respectively. The BB agreement provides Star Bulk the option to purchase the CSSC vessels at any time against a predermined, amortizing balance payment, whilst it has a respecitve obligation at the end of the bareboat term.


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