• Creating shareholder value through world-class ship operations and sustainable growth

Star Bulk’s business objective is to be a high quality and cost efficient ship operator while sustainably expanding its fleet in the dry bulk sector through acquisitions that are accretive for its shareholders.

Commercially, Star Bulk's diverse and modern fleet profile enables it to serve its customers worldwide in multiple trade routes, carrying a wide range of cargoes. Star Bulk uses a moderate and adaptive strategy of employing a portion of the fleet on longer period charters and the rest on spot employments or short period time charters. Through the experience, knowledge and network of our management team, as well as our advanced in-house market research capabilities, we constantly optimize the deployment of the fleet both geographically and timing-wise.

The majority of the Star Bulk owned vessels are technically managed by Star Bulk's wholly owned subsidiaries, Starbulk S.A. and Starbulk Cyprus. This integrated structure allows us to take advantage of synergies and economies of scale from managing a large fleet of vessels, thereby containing operating costs and corporate overhead. At the same time, the extensive experience and the capabilities of the Star Bulk ship management team ensure high quality of operations and rigorous compliance with maritime safety standards and environmental regulations.

Trusted and long-lasting relationships are at the heart of what we do. We focus on building and maintaining relationship with all our counter-parties, from charterers and brokers to shipyards and financial institutions.

Star Bulk aims to maintain a healthy balance sheet throughout the shipping cycles through relatively moderate levels of indebtedness and with the strong support of many international prominent banks and leasing companies.

Technology, innovation and data analytics are an integral part of our strategy. In every aspect of our activities, we use advanced resource planning systems and business intelligence tools to optimize our operations and support our everyday decision-making.