• We aspire to be the global leader in sustainable dry bulk shipping


To be the global leader in sustainable dry bulk shipping


Star Bulk owns and manages a diverse and modern fleet of high-specification bulk carriers that transport cargoes efficiently and in a way that protects human health, the environment and the vessels in operation, and that meets or exceeds the safety and quality standards of the industry and of our customers. Our vessels are manned by competent and well-trained seafarers and are operated by experienced and highly skilled onshore professionals.

We strive to achieve the following goals:

  • Environmental protection 
  • Zero incidents
  • Superior service to our charterers
  • Maximum value for our shareholders
  • Wellbeing of our people
  • Transparency and accountability 


We are guided by the following principles in our thought and action:

  • Entrepreneurship
    We are dynamic, rigorous, agile and assertive in our everyday work and decision-making
  • Openness
    We promote honesty, transparency, integrity and ethos, as well as willingness to listen, learn and develop one’s self
  • Meritocracy
    We are fair to our business partners and also to our employees, whose talents we promote and develop within our organization
  • Initiative
    We encourage new ideas, creativity, and innovative approaches to continuously improve our services and our way of working
  • Teamwork
    We foster collaboration and respect, and we aim to leverage each person’s competencies for the benefit of the company
  • Sustainabilty
    We encourage a deep awareness of our impacts on the economy, the environment and society today and in the future